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Differences From Vanilla Minecraft

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Here is a basic list of all of the major changes from vanilla Minecraft. Some are small, others are quite large.

Changes from vanilla[edit | edit source]

  • Vanilla Growth is disabled for the following items, they can only be grown on Farms or a Garden.
    • Wheat, Carrots, Potatoes, Beetroot, Netherwart.
  • The Nether is completely disabled.
  • When water touches lava, Netherrack is generated instead of Cobblestone to prevent cobblestone generators.
  • Mob spawners exist, but will not spawn mobs.
  • Horses do not spawn in the wild, instead they must be purchased at the Stables structure.
  • Villager trading is disabled. Emeralds can be exchanged for coins at the Bank structure instead.
  • Some vanilla Minecraft Items are restricted, and can only be crafted if you are a member of a Civ with the proper technology.
    • Iron(Weapons+Armor) => Iron Working
    • Diamond(Weapons+Armor) => Industrialism
    • TNT (Gunpowder)
    • Hoppers
  • Leather armor makes you 10% faster, while diamond and iron armor makes you 10% slower.
  • Cobblestone is valuable in that it can be processed in a Trommel or a Sifter. Giving chances for rare minerals. (Iron Ingots, Gold Ingots, Diamonds, and Emeralds).

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